The dark side of Israeli National Service(aka Sherut Leumi)

  • Lone Soldiers get a monthly grant of 540 shekels to use as they choose. National Service members get 0.
  • Lone soldiers get 3,000 shekels in salary while Lone National Service members get 860. That’s $882 versus $253.
  • Lone soldiers get a 1500 shekel one-time financial assistance package. National Service members get 100. That’s less than 30 bucks!
Shanna Fuld getting the story for the Israel Daily News Podcast
  • Each girl to get an extra 540 shekel per month — to use as she likes.
  • A forum will open to welcome everyone who deals with lone civil servants.



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Shanna Fuld

Shanna Fuld

I’m a news reporter living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I cover everything including politics, economics & arts & culture.